GuardNet Security

GuardNet Security is part of the latest suite of White Rabbit products. With the specific aim of working together with security companies to provide protection to their customers wherever they may be.


GuardNet is a personal security software ‘panic button’ designed to keep individuals safe around the world, wherever they are.


At the tap of a ‘button’ we collect the individual’s vital information, location and any message they type and send it to the Security Team’s control room and their nearest Security Officer. The company can then locate and track the person (even if they move), physically find them and neutralise any threat.


All of this technology reacts instantly and in ‘real-time’.


If you are an individual interested in using GuardNet or a Security Company looking to provide GuardNet as part of your service please get in touch with us at and we will be very happy to assist you.


GuardNet keeps people safer wherever they are’.


GuardNet Security is designed to work in conjunction with Security Companies operating over large areas such as cities or even entire countries.


For further information please take a look at our product website or contact us directly.